Straction Leadership (Danish)


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Morten Mortensen presents a personal leadership philosophy, called Straction, which he developed over his 28 years with Jack & Jones. A leadership philosophy that took his career from the stock room to the board room of the Bestseller company and drove the creation of one of the world’s leading menswear brands – as well as one of Denmark’s biggest commercial successes.

But what is the recipe? What makes companies take off? And more importantly, who creates them? With his Straction philosophy, Morten Mortensen rejects business ‘as usual’, including clichéd corporate hierarchies, leadership by title, thinking inside the box, the burden of bureaucracy and other traditional leadership concepts. Instead his new leadership philosophy paves the way for an organic group – or community as Morten Mortensen calls it – that makes it possible to develop the employees who will create corporate success. The idea is to constantly investigate, challenge and evolve, with the consumer’s ever-changing needs as the nucleus for all activities. Straction is the recipe for ownership, team spirit, dedication, innovation and growth across the value chain of the entire company.

The book is for everyone who wants to lead others, become their own leader or simply hold leadership to account. The book offers illustrations, guidelines, ideas for discussion and training – and not least a kick up the backside. As Morten Mortensen says: ‘It’s time to get into Straction.’


Author: Morten Mortensen
Publisher: MM Holding
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-87-971290-0-5
Language: English. Original language: Danish
No. of pages: 310 
Format: Hardback
Date of publication: April 4th 2019
Weight: 1128 g
Thickness: 3 cm
Width: 20,7 cm
Height: 24,7 cm