About Straction

Straction is the recipe for continuous creative renewal.

Throughout his 28 years in the Bestseller Company, Morten Mortensen developed his own leadership philosophy, which breaks with traditional hierarchies and types of leaders. Instead, Morten’s philosophy focuses on the individual’s contribution in a business culture where the desire for renewal, discovery and improvement is always greater than the fear of failure. And where leaders are measured by true leadership performance rather than position.

The goal is to maintain the innovative spirit and driving force of garage start-ups, even when the company expands, and to create values that go far beyond money. Straction is the recipe for how to get your colleagues’ mojo going and their results to meet a purpose greater than life itself.

Straction is Morten Mortensen’s contribution to clarifying and inspiring a new form of wholehearted leadership. He wants to weed out the jungle of leadership concepts and replace the verbiage with a simple, practical understanding, often expressed through easily grasped illustrations and examples demonstrating the skills that in his opinion make a wholehearted leader.

With Straction Leadership as the nervous system, you feel the very pulse of life itself. Straction Leadership introduces highly charged energy that inspires people to deliver mega results in a global perspective.

The only limit is how much happiness you can take.